Dark Country Records

Dark Country Records at Rokkabill Records!

Hello everybody and welcome to the brand new DC Records website!
First we want to thank Reto Bill (CEO Rokkabill Records) for letting us have this tiny little sub label at our mothership. At this point we also want to make clear that DC Records is not a record label in the common way, means, we don't sign artist or do any "traditional" deals with bands except from a few exceptions of course. Our main aim is to provide everything an artist or band needs to get their music released, digitally and physically. We can also help releasing books, vinyls, merchandise as well as simply technincal "must-haves" such as ISRC Codes, bar codes and so on.

All the above may sound a little simple and very wide-ranged, still, it doesn't mean that we take just anything into our roster. Dark Country Records has a certain style and feel which is totally devoted to authenticity and uniqueness. We do our best to help whenever we can! Just feel free to contact us.

Much love, we're looking forward to the next releases waiting, unpatiently in our pipelines!

Dark Country Records and Rokkabill Records Team